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THE BOARDWALK EXPERIENCE: Better Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation with Michael Malfa

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This episode of Business Transformation - Insurance Edition features Michael Malfa, CEO and Co-Founder of Boardwalk Insurance. Michael shares the story of how he co-founded Boardwalk Insurance to fill customers’ needs for a better experience and, at the same time, be a pioneer of digital transformation in the insurance industry.

The episode also covers topics such as advice for improving customer experience, fun in the office, inspiring books, and upcoming initiatives. It’s a lot to unpack so make sure to tune in until the end of this latest episode of Business Transformation.



“I began to encounter this reoccurring problem that was a reoccurring theme or problem, customers were looking for better service, better service experience. And as a broker, I didn't really have the tools to deliver that experience, like my time and reach were limited. I can only get to so many clients in a day, so that was very challenging, so my partner and I started to research how technology could fill this void.”


“Things really hit home when COVID arose. I'm sure you have experience as well like the digital way of doing business had become the new norm, and previously it wasn't as heavily adopted, especially in the insurance industry, some other industries had adopted it sooner and taken on more of a technology-first approach, but insurance was just starting this digital transformation.”

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